Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Other Art Fair

My suggestion for next year is "if somebody sends you to hell .... go there" that is what I did when I received an e-mail telling me: " Voyko we are not putting your details on our application for the Arts Council because we feel your work is not appropriate for them, we think you are too mental.

That is what they said after I did some free work for their theatre group ... thanks very much!! My answer was "maybe you should spend more time on stage before you judge someone's art".

Yes, and I went to check who is this Arts Council ... the morality. I found on their web site an invitation to participate in an art fair ... and I applied. :)))) They accepted me ... out of 500 applications they chose me and 99 other artists to participate in this beginners art fair.

If you are interested in visiting this fair, you should be there between 10th and 13th May and buy some fresh art ... possibly mine.

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